Welcome, so glad you made it...

I'm Tony. On this site, you'll be able to find out more about me. I do a lot of different things. Most of them have something to do with art and technology.

As a young child, my mother encouraged me to appreciate and practice the art of music. Since then, I have always been entranced by sound in general. Consequently, I find myself lost in seemingly endless musical pursuits. Check out some examples of my more current work here.

Also from a young age, my father helped to foster in me an interest in theatre. That interest developed into a passion and a vocation that has been with me my whole life.

As a hobby, I occasionally turn to photography, or other visual pursuits.

Crossing the lines of all of these interests, technology has always fascinated me. Intrigued by gadgets as a child, my interest turned to computers as an adult and now I write a lot of code to make my music, theatre, and visual work easier to accomplish and hopefully more interesting.

Recent Work:

3/17-4/17 Cairo, Egypt: artist exchange residency in support of mycelial (working title) with Erica Mott and others

3/17-4/17 Chicago, IL: sound design for world premiere of Phantom Pain with Organic Theater Company at the Greenhouse Theatre Center

2/17 Urbana, IL music direction and arrangements for Bear, a performance art work by Deke Weaver at the Station Theatre

2/17 Urbana, IL LAIT programming for the experimental dance CM2=E at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

11/16 Urbana, IL LAIT programming for lobby installation entitled Circulation at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

10/16 Urbana, IL performance of dance version of FOR(ever) at the Krannert Art Museum

10/16 New York, NY and Romeoville, IL performances of concert version of Baldwin/Now

9/16 article published in Journal of Dance Education (Dancing with Mobile Devices: The LAIT Application System in Performance and Educational Settings)

6/16 Belfast, Ireland: composer/sound designer/collaborator for world premiere of devised work Tom

6/16 Urbana, IL: composition/sound design for world premiere of a new play by Donald Margulies, Long Lost, directed by Dan Sullivan

6/16-7/16 Chicago, IL: composition/sound design for US premiere of Out of the Blue with Organic Theater Company at the Greenhouse Theatre Center

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